About Us

A path to real transformation

Fun2GrowOn partners with teams and professionals adding value through Consulting, Clarity Coaching, and Workshop Training.  

Bend the rules,

color outside the lines… professional development

should be fun!


Our Values


Laugh, Learn, Grow

If we LAUGH while learning, we enjoy the experience and connect with team members.  This makes content understandable and memorable, so we LEARN and implement. By working and learning together we can GROW and change.

Personal Growth

Intentional commitment to bettering ourselves and implementing the lessons learned allows us to nurture and encourage others in their journey. We set our bar high and also seek to exceed expectations. No one excels by being average.

Value People

We are people of value who add value to others.
The way we conduct ourselves has the power of positive influence, inspires joy, and enables others to succeed.


We design the life we desire through consistency and intentional living to compound our success.  Everything is up hill, so Make Every Day Your Masterpiece.

Positive Attitude

Uplifting communication matters. We influence people to speak, think and act in such a way that it makes a positive difference in their lives.

Nurture & Expectations

Surrounding ourselves with a strong community, fostering servant leadership, building partnerships, and connecting through strong communication, allows everyone to thrive. 

Our Story

We are people of value adding value to others

Laura H. McAlister

In her capacity as a Leadership Development Consultant and Clarity Coach, Laura offers workshops and coaching sessions that empower individuals to uncover their unique strengths, achieve a state of flow, and unlock their full potential. Her goal is to assist business professionals in leading fulfilling and purposeful lives!

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Barry McAlister

Barry is a genuine Renaissance Man! At Fun2GrowOn, his primary role involves infusing humor and improvisational training into workshops and presentations. He honed his skills at the renowned The Second City in Chicago, mastering comedy writing and improv. Barry has graced the stage numerous times and has extensive experience in improv-based training.

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We ask you the difficult questions, and you tell us the truth and we move on from there. The questions will challenge you, because without the challenge there is no change.  

Let’s grow and change together!