Workshops or Group Learning Labs are for you if….

  • People struggle to communicate and give honest feedback.
  • Your team is falling into the trap of negative or pessimistic thinking.
  • You are trying to force movement down the wrong path.
  • You have creative ideas that are not being acted on
  • You are ready for more inspiration and authenticity in your day-to-day interactions.

Our Workshops


To flourish both personally and professionally, embrace the art of connecting with people through an interactive workshop. This session covers effective communication strategies, DISC styles, connecting principles, practices, and "Yes And" communication skills, offering discussion, live demonstrations, and hands-on practice.

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Effective leadership is essential for personal, professional, and organizational success. Our training, rooted in John Maxwell's proven practices, offers the skills and principles that have developed leaders globally for almost five decades. Explore Maxwell Leadership development programs for yourself or your team.

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Goal Setting 

Explore goal-setting strategies that empower you to maximize your daily potential and prioritize the present moment. Participate in this session to create a Personal Growth Plan, define achievable objectives, and confront the decision between passively accepting your life or proactively designing it according to your aspirations and desires.

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Corporate or Small Group Workshops

Topics we present on:

  • Communication Training – Connection Skills
  • DISC Assessments / Communication Skills / Workshop
  • Leadership Development
  • Laws of Team Work 
  • Emotional Intelligence – Self-Awareness and Self-Management
  • Professional Development Plans
  • Purpose, Vision, and Goals
  • Goal Setting and Priorities
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"Laura's presentation deserves 5 stars!
Great information and tips on 
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I would definitely like to hear more 
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I plan on ordering the books she 

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Other Workshop Topics
We Present From John Maxwell

Everyone Communicates, Few Connect

teaches you how to seize the day through twelve daily practices for personal and professional success.

Available as a Lunch & Learn, Mastermind or Keynote.

The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership

reveals time-tested laws for personal and organizational effectiveness based on John Maxwell's 50 years of leadership experience.

Available as a Lunch & Learn, Mastermind, Keynote or Two-Day Workshop.

Today Matters

provides twelve daily practices to take control of your agenda, prioritize, and find success in your daily life.

Available as a Lunch & Learn, Mastermind or Keynote.

15 Invaluable Laws of Growth

offers a guide to personal growth and becoming a more effective individual.

Available as a Lunch & Learn, Mastermind or Keynote.

Becoming a Person of Influence

shares practical insights on achieving success and influence in various areas of life based on Maxwell's experience.

Available as a Lunch & Learn, Mastermind or Keynote.

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