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Fun2GrowOn partners with teams and individuals adding value through:

  • consulting,
  • clarity coaching,
  • and workshop training.  

We mentor professionals to identify their strengths and to maximize communication and leadership skills improving your team culture, performance, and engagement.

What We Offer


Group, 1:1, and executive coaching using DISC assessments and Maxwell Leadership to discover your most authentic strengths with interactive learning.

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From project optimization to team synergy, we offer consulting for custom solutions.

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Learning doesn't have to be boring! Interactive, experience-based presentations are perfect for corporate teams big or small.

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"Another significant area of interest for me was learning more about what drives my fears, and consequently my anxiety around several projects. The DISC assessment accurately identified a fear of being criticized by a close relationship. When Laura and I dug deeper, we ultimately uncovered a deeper fear of not having all the information I needed in order to be at my best. This allowed me to develop strategies for facing that fear. "  

Trevor Townsend, HCA